The resident Rebel, Sabbath is the rough and tough member of the Bad Kitten Club.

A trouble-seeker with no boundaries, Sabbath has a battle scar on his ear and sometimes bandages, a notch in his right ear and a bent whisker that resembles a lightning bolt. Core character icons for Sabbath include: Lightning Bolts, Bandages and Fire.

Traits: Touble-seeker, Says "Dude" a lot, Feisty

Looks: Sometimes has bandages, mean eyes, Notch in right ear, kinked tail and one bent whisker

Emily: So that explains the battle scar on your ear?
Sabbath: Dude. You shoulda seen the other cat.
Emily: Sabbath, why are you always off in the distance?
Sabbath: Sometimes you gotta roam to find adventure!

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