The intellectual of the Bad Kitten Club, Neechee is the crafty, shifty, scientist type – but don't bother asking what he's thinking because it would boggle your mind. Often deep into the cobwebs of his mind, Nee Chee is an old soul inspired by innovation, invention, and confusing people.

Neechee identifies with creepy creative creatures like Spiders and Bats. He embraces the darkness and the quiet solitude of being alone with his thoughts. Core character icons for Neechee include Spirals, Spiders, Spider Webs and Bats.

Traits: Thinker, Nihilist, Recluse, Won't look you in the eyes

Looks: Striped tail, Shifty eyes, Three whiskers

Emily: Neechee, what is the meaning of life? Who is my real father? Am I gonna get sick? What are my lucky numbers today?
NeeChee: What – is the Magic 8-Ball broken? Get lost, kid.

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