The creative genius, Miles is a cool cat with the heart of a true artist. While he is mellow and less vocal than the other kitties in the Bad Kitten Club, Miles has a fire in his soul for leaving his mark on the world.

Always alert and looking for ways to share his ideas in creative ways, Miles is the fastest cat in town, has extra pointy ears, two pointy whiskers and is most known for the "X" over his right eye.
Core character icons for Sabbath include Paint Splatters, Broken Heart and Graffiti.

Traits: Creative Genius, Fastest Cat in town

Looks: Extra pointy ears, 'X' over right eye, Two pointy whiskers

Emily: Hey Miles. We need to sneak the transpositer into the flux capacitor tonight at midnight. But keep it on the down low or we're busted.
Miles: I think we understand each other. And (wink, wink) we never had this conversation.

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